Self recuperative burners enameling furnace

New Furnace auto recuperative burner enamel

Our ovens with the self recuperative burners are build with the radiant tubes in Inconel 601. Each burner is equipped with an internal heating recuperator who has the function of pre-heat the combustion air. The smokes are evacuated through a chimney installed on the furnace’s roof.

Enameling furnace with internal metal flue heating exchange

radiant tubes enameliing furnace

Our oven with the internal heat exchanger (metal flue) use the smoke of the burners, who has an high temperature, for heat the oven’s floor. This system improve the heating uniformity and help the pre-heating of the cold material in entrance at the furnace.

Our company boasts thirty years of experience in the construction of enameling furnaces. Our ovens are custom built according to the needs of our customers. For any production request we can offer our customers the most suitable glazing furnace: with the combustion system combined with our metal flue or with the combustion system with self-recovery burners. Our company manufactures any type of glazing furnace. Contact us to receive an offer

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The control board of our enameling furnaces are build with the latest technology. The control and command software of the oven is developed internally. We can assist our Customer via remote through an internet connection.

For the thermal insulation of our furnaces we use only first class quality materials. The insulation of our furnaces assure the best possible thermal insulation for help the environment and the energy saving

For keep the heat inside the oven and thus increase energy savings, all our ovens are equipped with wind-mill air curtains.