Dryers for enameled flat part

When processing the pieces with the wet enamel, it is very important dry the enamel biscuit before the firing. Our dryer for the enameled flat parts are mainly built with the technology of the IR and could be heated with natural gas or with the electricity. It is also possible combine a smoke/air recuperator on our enameling gas heated furnace for heating a conventional hot air dryer.

Dryers for water heaters (boilers)

Our Customers who use the wet enamel for their boilers need also to dry the wet enamel inside the tanks. This process is different than dry the enamel on the flat parts since the enamel is inside. For these reasons we have develop a line of dryers with special moving nozzles that are suitable for dry the inner part of the tank. This dryers work with hot air and the energy use for heating the air could be electricity or gas. In many case we can apply one heat exchanger air/smoke for recovery part of the energy present in the smoke of the enameling furnace.

Discover more about our heat exchangers

heat exchanger enameling furnace

Applying an heat exchanger on the enameling furnace is the easiest way for recover energy from the exhaust smoke in exit from the oven. With and heat exhanger smoke/air we can delivery extra hot air to the dryer.

smoke air heating exchanger enameling furnace

Once the heat exchanger is connect to the enameling furnace, one insulated pipe will provide the delivery of the hot air to the dryer. All the heat exchanger system regulations are integrated in our furnace main control.