Our electric enameling furnace

Our production include electric enameling furnace. Nowadays the requests of the Customers are more oriented to the electric ovens then before.  Our electric oven are design for the best possible performance and we install also the electric elements on the furnace’s floor in order to optimize the uniformity of the temperature inside the hot zone. The floor heating elements are protected with special steel plates in order to protect its from any accidental falling down of material from the conveyor.

Electric control board

Our furnaces are equipped with our dedicated software for run all the functions of the furnace. The software is developed from ourself and through our software it’s possible govern all the functions. The electric control board is equipped with one touch screen operator panels for simplify the setting and the controlling of the functions. The software it’s also able to register the graph of the different zones of the enameling furnace. Alarms, settings, timers, recorded data and much more are displayed in a smart way through the software section.
Our ovens are connected via internet to our office for assure the best assistance to our Customers around the world.